Last update - 1 August 2017


Instore we have loads of bunnies for you and your loved ones to snuggle up to!

Show quality netherland dwarfs and holland lops at Scruffiez Rabbitry, do hop over to visit http://facebook.com/ScruffiezRabbitry/

(Pictured: R2B - Chestnut Netherland Dwarf, Enya - Broken Orange Holland Lop, Xmas - Lilac Otter Holland Lop, Pikka - Orange Netherland Dwarf, Ninja - Chestnut Netherland Dwarf) not for sale
Tortoiseshell Flemish Giant Male 3mths, with microchip, imported. $1480
Chestnut french lop female. 4.5months, with microchip, imported. $1480

CONTACT FOR MORE INFO, most of the bunnies are sold before they get posted here! Feel free to let us know what rabbits you want and we can place you on our waiting list and we'll contact you as soon as we have them

Stay TUNED! 98770772 / 91763830 first come first serve only please.

Rabbits are 8-10years or more of commitment, ensure that u have enough time & resources to care for one before contacting!!

*note: our young rabbits (holland lops, fuzzy lops, netherland dwarfs and jersey woolies) are usually SGD$250-500 on average. Ranging from pet quality to brood quality and sometimes show quality.

Upcoming (forecasted colors in pet & brood to show): 
End august 
Holland lops in broken black 
Mid september
Netherland dwarf pet to brood quality, vienna orange, vienna fawn, blue tort

(SOLD) chubby orange holland lop baby!!!

Have an 7.5weeks cutie thats attention-seeking yet laid back fatty bombom, chubby and loves alotalot of pats!! He would squeeze his face through the grills and wait there for someone to pat him when we walk pass!! Can be easily handled and doesnt struggle! Looks like a puppy!

(SOLD) Super Rare Eyeliner pet Quality Holland lops

Have a pair of very rare marking broken black (charlie) holland lops available. Like HOTOT! Have beautiful black eyeliner marking in both eyes, full white bodies with a few specks of black on their ears only. They are purebreed, but just pet quality only. Almost 8weeks old and ready to leave for new homes! Tame and easy to be handled

Color: Broken Black (charlie)

Gender: Male & female

Price: $250 only

(Sold) Orange holland lop boy for you!

Have a nice deep orange holland lop boy 7.5weeks available. Cute type. He's a curious guy, not scared of anything
Color: Orange
Gender: Male
Price: $450

(Sold) Attentionseeking SMALL orange netherland dwarf boy

Have a cutie small sized netherland dwarf male 3mths old. As small as a 6-8week old baby dwarf! Always waiting for me at the edge of the cage, and following us around. 
Color: orange
Gender: male
Price: $300

(Sold) Supercuteeee blue eye white holland lop boy!

Chubby fluffy and too pretty!!! Blue eyed white holland lop boy. Very curious and needs to have a peek at everything! 
Color: blue eyed white
Gender: male
Price: $600

(SOLD) Supertiny blue eyed white female nd baby

Have a super petite small boned blue eyed white netherland dwarf. She is soooo tame!! And love coming up to you!! She will grow up to be a very small sized bunny. Pictured at 6 weeks but she still looks the size of typical 4week old standard netherland dwarf size. Has a good appetite and not picky on food, Healthy & feeding on oxbow alfalfa hay, timothy hay & young rabbit pellets. 

She loves to lick her lips, dont know why also. And poses all the time. We got quite a few shots of her tongue super cute la!

Color: Blue Eyed White
Gender: Female
Price: $260 fixed 
Pictured beside her is an opal male netherland dwarf same age as her (not related) also at $260.